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Townstar Game on Ethereum – Play for fun, win for real!

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

'Townstar' has started for this week. Every week, there are hundreds of new players joining to grab the perfect farm spot. Wondering what is 'Townstar'? It is a blockchain game. I remember playing FarmVille during my early Facebook days. Do you? FarmVille, a sandbox social network game, was developed by Zynga in 2009. FarmVille initially ran on Adobe Flash and created ripples in the social media after integration with Facebook in 2009. It was the most popular Facebook game for two years. Presently the game exists as FarmVille version 2 but the popularity got reduced. FarmVille is a farmland management simulation game. Here the players plough land, harvest crops, harvest trees and raise domestic animals and pet birds. The players make cities/towns also. Sandbox game type is the unique feature of FarmVille. It is really fun to play. The fun part increases more as you learn to play while playing. It gives the option to the player to become creative. FarmVille will be remembered in gaming history always. Farmville creator Eric Schiermeyer wanted to bring a version of FarmVille on the blockchain. Gala Network was built with that purpose. It is a Zynga venture. 'Townstar' is their first game. Many more will be launched in the near future.

” This is why Gala exists – to give the power in gaming to the people who should be in charge – the gamers. The games produced by Gala will always be free to play, and whatever you earn inside the game world will be YOURS. If you play a game and earn an asset in that game, that asset is yours to do whatever you would like with it. You own your gameplay, nobody else does. This means you can collect, trade, gift, or even sell your in-game assets in a way that has never before been possible. Additionally, unlike other game development companies, which actively discourage and forbid these sorts of outside transactions because they get nothing, we encourage you to explore how you can use and share your in-game assets with the rest of the world.” – Source

Upcoming NFT marketplace

Playing 'Townstar'

Gala is using Ethereum blockchain and ERC-1155 token standard. The in-game assets are NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). They’ll allow trading of the NFTs soon in their own marketplace. As I told earlier that it is a farmland management game. You can harvest various crops and trees here. You can build your cottage and eventually a whole city. The graphics are awesome. The initial feel is like FarmVille only but they’ve planned to add many more features. I started playing the game from the ‘Alfa’ stage but now it is in ‘Beta’. To register in the game, you need to use your email and password. No KYC is needed. The game can be played from desktop or mobile. Once you log in, you’ll be asked to set up a new Ethereum wallet. Presently you can’t use your existing Ethereum address. It is always suggested to secure your wallet with a strong password and 2FA. Don’t forget to note down your recovery phrase in a safe place. It is a blockchain game. Remember that, “not your keys, not your coins’.

A playing video made by a community member

Earning Gala

You can try to play Townstar game registering with Gala Games. You also get some Gala free when you sign up and play the game. If you are a game lover, you may enjoy the game. Gala is the in-game currency of the game.

Trading Gala

Gala is listed on Bitrue Exchange. Presently the price is 200-300 sats.

Image from Tradingview

Zynga is a reputed game maker. 'Townstar' seems to be an innovative game. FarmVille allowed you to make a city. In 'Townstar', you can make a whole city and sell for real money. Earn while you play. The next-generation gaming is surely going to be blockchain-based. The game economy can be a reality only through blockchain.

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Note: The images (if not cited) are from Gala website or in-game screenshots