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This blockchain plugin for Minecraft game is inviting you to the block party

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Minecraft, the survival sandbox video game, was created by Markus Alexej Persson aka Notch, a Swedish programmer and designer, in 2009. He created the game in Java. The game was officially released in 2011. Persson's founded company Mojang was the owner of the game. Microsoft did acquisition of Minecraft in 2014 for $2.5 billion. It is the bestselling video game of all time and presently it has 126 million active monthly users as of now. Really huge!

Minecraft’s blocky creative world

I’m not a game freak but I have seen the gamers to go gaga over Minecraft. The game has a blocky 3D world where the players discover, extract, build and craft different materials. Yes, you need to fight with a mob or other players. Minecraft’s USP is that it allows the players to be creative. The players can create new game mechanism, environment and assets. Minecraft is also one of the most searched video game on YouTube and YouTube has a big contribution to its success story. There are many popular YouTubers who have dedicated channels for showcasing their Minecraft gameplays. Why do people watch the recording of someone’s played games? The reason lies in the sandbox character of Minecraft. In Minecraft, you learn while you play and obviously you can learn by watching an efficient gamer’s recorded game. As the users can generate unique environments, rules and crafts; often such a recorded game provides extreme creative inputs. Obviously you can’t ignore the entertainment value with the voiceover of popular YouTubers. Minecraft is the game of the games.

Enjin & digital reality

Minecraft is customizable. Huge varieties of user-generated downloadable contents are available on the internet. The customizability of Minecraft also opens up integration scope of independently developed plugins. There are people who have grown along with Minecraft. The business opportunity for such plugins are literally unlimited considering the growing user base of the game. Enjin, a blockchain company founded in the same year of Minecraft’s release, is focusing on building a product eco-system with the power of blockchain technology. Enjin is a major player in the virtual asset market. Their native coin Enjin Coin is an ERC20 token on Ethereum blockchain. The Enjin Coin can be infused into digital assets through minting and the process can be reversed. The assets have real-life value and these are tradable easily over blockchain. Enjin is creating the virtual world of interconnected digital reality.

Screenshot of enjinx marketplace

The blockchain plugin

Enjin has recently launched Enjincraft. It is a blockchain plugin for Minecraft. This plugin is completely open-source and customizable. It has been launched after widely testing their previously launched demo model. The plugin has been built on their newly-released Enjin SDK for Java. The requirements and important information for server owners, who will be wanting to utilize the plugin, can be found here.

These are the functionalities of the plugin: • You can tokenize your created in-game asset and integrate with your server • It helps to integrate assets created by other projects • Enjin Coin & Ethereum balance is shown on a real-time basis • Allows in-game real-time p2p trades • Allows you to add permissions to the tokens

The brief about the plugin from Enjin official YouTube channel

Minecraft was created to provide entertainment. Enjincraft is bringing tangible value of Minecraft to you by tokenizing the in-game assets and allowing you to perform in-game trades over the blockchain. No banks, no cards and no third parties involved! Just immerse into the game mode. Unleash your creativity to design assets of your choice and trade with your fellow players. The trade mode of gaming is on along with the fun of playing! If you are a Minecraft fan, you should definitely try it to discover the tangible value of your favourite game. The future gaming universe won’t be imagined without tangible asset class.

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