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Play Cryptobrewmaster - brew beer on Hive

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

I just brewed European Lager Beer and sold for some bucks. I'm playing Cryptobrewmaster nowadays. I must say that the game is addictive. It takes time to play but I'm loving it.

Cryptobrewmaster is a craft brewery simulator game launched on Hive blockchain some days back. Currently the Soft Alpha 1.0 version is available for playing. Splinterlands, after moving to Hive from Steem, is already rocking. Another new Hive game dCity is also doing well. There is a sudden rush to launch many new games on Hive. Cryptobrewmaster is the latest addition. It is basically a card game. The players can use different cards to craft brewer with different strategy & training.

The home screen - the locked portions will be available soon

Playing the game

The game has a nice city like layout. Brewmaster is the main character of the game. There is a beer factory where beer gets manufactured with the help of water, malt, yeast and hops. The ingredients come from different ingredient cards. The players earn the cards through in-game activities. After preparing beer, you can sell and collect in-game currency. The in-game currency is called CBM. To perform activities in the game you need energy. You can obtain energy by drinking beer or by paying through CBM. There is a pub in the game. You can find different types of beer there. A player keeps on getting different types of quests and activities to earn cards.

My beer is getting crafted

Available beer in the taplist of the pub

My backpack is full - see the cards

My referral page - I get some goodies when I refer someone

Source - A sample upcoming prototype screen of Cryptobrewmaster

Price of CBM in Hive Engine

The recent game updates are cool. You can see your referrals and you get a bonus when somebody joins through your referral link. CBM is currently trading on Hive Engine. Cost of 1000 CBM is varying in the range of 10-14$. You can earn CBM free when you play the game. CBM may have many use cases within the game in the near future. The game has an upcoming marketplace also and it'll be used for trading in-game assets. Cryptobrewmaster looks really promising. With some more creativity and a proper game economy, it has the potential to become one of the top blockchain games. Give it try! Brew some beer.

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