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Flare Network buys a citadel in Mirandus

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

It is very clear that blockchain technology is a disruptive technology. The recent popularity of decentralized finance and NFTs show the potential of the technology. Gaming is also a great use case of blockchain. Many new games are being launched on blockchain nowadays. The way some blockchain games are providing immersive and boundary less experience to the users, it opens up the possibility of a complete restructuring of the industry. Farmville creator Eric Schiermeyer built Gala Network to utilize blockchain technology in gaming. Gala Network, a Zynga venture, launched their first game – Townstar some months back. FarmVille, a highly popular sandbox social network game launched in 2009, was recreated on the blockchain. Townstar received immense popularity within a short time. Gala announced another two games – Mirandus & Fortified with great zeal. Yesterday, Gala declared that they are moving to Flare Network.

“Today, we are delighted to announce that we are in the process of bringing the GALA token itself to the Flare network! In the future, users will be able to mint their GALA directly to the Flare network, allowing for essentially feeless and instant transactions without the bloat of the Ethereum network. This will not replace the GALA ERC-20 token, but would provide users the ability to burn their ERC-20 GALA to receive Flare-based GALA and NFTs.” – Gala blog post

Gala was using the Ethereum blockchain. The arbitrary and high gas fee of Ethereum created a big barrier to the adoption of the game. Gala games can be accessed from mobile or desktop. No KYC is needed to play the games. Playing the games don’t require any blockchain interaction but the in-game assets are NFTs here. NFT transactions take place over the blockchain.

Different games by Gala

Mirandus is the second blockchain game by Gala. The game is in the development stage now. In the imaginary world of Mirandus, the High King has the final word. Mirandus is a fantasy kingdom where the players can play various roles like traders, hunters, adventurers. Choices are boundless, adventurous and enormous. If you own a citadel in Mirandus, you become the king. The king and his team members get a massive follower base due to their skills and attributes. Mirandus is not a multiplayer interactive conflict game generally. The player vs. player (PVP) mode gets activated only upon fulfilment of special conditions. The king is the most powerful person in this world. Land ownership is a key feature of the game. More land you own, you gain more power. The land deeds come with titles and the right to rule the land. The king makes rules. The king can break rules too. Flare Network has bought a citadel of Mirandus - the ‘Citadel of the Moon’. Flare-backed NFTs may have some special buffs in this citadel.

The land deeds are sold out

There are going to be five citadels in Mirandus. The king of the citadel will impose a tax, make economic policy, build alliances and go against other monarchs. Owning land in a blockchain metaverse can be really profitable and it is exciting that the corporations are becoming owners of such virtual kingdoms. The virtual lands deeds are already sold out on the Gala website. A new age of gaming and a unique game economy is waiting for you. Wanna explore?


Mirandus will be launched very soon. Register for Gala Games and get 100 Gala tokens when you play Town Star, the first launched game of Gala.