CoinbuzzSwap is a trustless and  decentralized instant swap. It allows anyone to convert tokens directly from their wallet. CoinbuzzSwap is a convenient and secure platform for converting one ERC20 token to another.

CoinbuzzSwap FAQs

Is it safe and secured?


Who provides on-chain liquidity?

Liquidity is provided by Kyber's on-chain liquidity protocol.

Is it trustless?

No third-party, no middleman. Your coin, your keys.

What can I swap?

You can swap ETH and almost all popular ERC20 tokens.

Is it ok to enter private key?

Better you avoid. The platform is working with Metamask or any web3 browser from desktop. From mobile, you can use Coinbase Wallet for easy access.

Why does my transaction cost X?

Ethereum requires gas to execute each transaction.